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BriteDeploy’s comprehensive technology deployment services are scalable for any organization. Our services simplify IMAC (install, move, add, change) initiatives by dispatching trained, qualified technicians to install new technology, move existing devices, or perform software and hardware upgrades.  Our customers experience a greatly reduced time to deployment for all projects.

In today’s market, IT Resources are extremely constrained.  Whether your need is to fill open positions or keep internal resources focused on other projects, extend your team with BriteDeploy.

Leverage Brite’s experience to simplify complex technology deployments with custom service packages for  organizations of any size with any unique needs. Our expertly managed technology deployment services help reduce deployment time from months to weeks.

How can our team help you today?

  • Project Management
  • System Imaging
  • Asset Tagging
  • Physical Installation and Set-up
  • Additional Software Load
  • End-user Training
  • Start-up and Commissioning
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Hardware Disposal and Recycling
  • Site Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Customized Services

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BriteDeploy Supporting a Growing Company

“Our BriteStar Senior Technical Consultant really took the lead on all of [the move]. It would have been way too overwhelming for me,” Josh Reinhard, Director of Project Management of GP Flooring Solutions, recounted. “He laid out all the things we needed to do. He reached out to our internet and phone providers. He ran the show – helping us bring all our technology over, which was awesome.”

On moving day, the BriteStar team was at GP Flooring bright and early. “Two BriteStar team members came out to our old office at 8:00 AM. Within 45 minutes or an hour they had disconnected and loaded up all the equipment. We brought the equipment to our new location. By 12:30 everything was up and running, and our remote people could start connecting into the server,’’ said Josh Reinhard. “It was seamless.”

During the initial onboarding process, detailed Network Diagrams were created, documenting all configurations. This allowed for seamless moving transitions. The outline enabled the Brite team to simply disconnect the existing network and, while referring to the documentation as a guide, reconnect at the new location.

The concern regarding remote workers regaining access to the network was not an issue with the BriteStar team’s proactive planning.

“We let everybody who was remote know to call the help desk to get their updated VPN information. By the end of the day all our remote people were connected, and everybody was up and running,” explained Josh Reinhard.

“After the move I was recapping with our President Abby, and I said, ‘You know if we weren’t with Brite, I don’t know how this would have worked,’” Josh Reinhard said. “The technology deployment seemed to be the easiest part of the move. We’re very pleased with the way everything turned out.”

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