Forescout 8.2 Deep Dive: Cloud-First Deployments

Forescout’s 8.2 update introduced a handful of highly anticipated features including a new web-based interface with dashboard upgrades and the eyeExtend Connect App ecosystem.  The final feature we want to breakdown in the Forescout 8.2 update is the cloud-first deployment capability.  

Before 8.2, device visibility and control were limited for organizations with a cloud-first approach, as it was restricted to on-premises physical or virtual deployments.  

Cloud-first deployments allow users to extend visibility by deploying Forescout sensor appliances and enterprise management in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud environments – without an on-prem footprint. The new cloud-first deployment capabilities also create complete visibility across hybrid environments. 

What public-cloud deployments mean for Forescout users? 

As cloud use continues to increase, this new capability allows all organizations to gain proper visibility and control of ever-changing environments.  

Organizations opt for cloud because of the easy set up and lower cost.  While the ‘shadow IT’ instance is a valid substitute for a traditional datacenter, there’s opportunity for misconfiguration or the instance not meeting compliance requirements.  Each resulting in the organization being vulnerable to attacks.  

The 8.2 and cloud deployment update allows cloud users to confirm the configuration meets the organization’s standards and mitigate security gaps with Forescout’s platform.  Being able to add Forescout sensor appliances straight to the cloud allows for: 

  • Insight into the network and to monitor and ensure only authorized devices are on the VLAN
  • Safeguards that those devices are vulnerability scanned, have the proper software installed, etc.

Cloud-First Deployment Takeaways

In summary, there are two key takeaways from this update for those organizations utilizing AWS or Azure: 

  • Deploy faster without an on-prem infrastructure. 
  • Gain flexibility with new virtual deployment options. 

Remember, you can’t protect what you can’t see and gaining visibility through Forescout’s platform is the first step to enhancing security.  The cloud deployment capability now allows for cloud-centric organizations to get that visibility and monitor what devices are on the network.  

The theme of Forescout 8.2 is to ‘Identify and Act – faster,’ so if your organization is ready to act faster and mitigate risk across your extended enterprise, then reach out, and our team can help! Fill out our ‘Contact Us’ form here.

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