Fixed Price Managed IT Services: How BriteStar Can Help You Budget

Fixed Price Managed IT Services: How BriteStar Can Help You Budget

No one likes the unexpected.  Especially when it comes to surprise costs.  Let’s be real.  Every business feels every penny, whether it’s a multi-billion-dollar company or the go-to local ice cream shop.  As beneficial a product or service is to business operations, there’s always a financial impact.  That’s why when it comes to IT and cybersecurity, our managed service offering, BriteStar has fixed-price managed IT services with absolutely no fees and includes everything.

Wondering how? Let us explain… 

The Reality of Managed IT Services. 

Teaming up with a managed service provider is a practical way to outsource necessary, tactical IT management.

During this digital age, IT has transformed from handing out computers and being a business-hour help desk to encompassing so much more.  It goes from the basic IT necessities to proactively protecting against evolving threats 24/7.  Hackers and attackers don’t discriminate against company size, and even pray on small and vulnerable companies to exploit any kind of information for their own financial gain.

Rather than taking on the tasks of monitoring the above in-house, a managed service provider is a resourceful way to maximize both coverage and budget with a fixed price. 

The BriteStar Managed IT Service Philosophy: A Fixed, Per-User Price.

The philosophy of BriteStar is simple.  To provide a comprehensive service to help companies protect and manage IT infrastructure with industry best practices and security tools to minimize risk, all at a fixed, per-user price.

Building off that philosophy and the evolution of BriteStar, our service encompasses and addresses all needs to ensure the operations and security of organizations.  We believe that by paying for a service, there’s an expectation to deliver support related to the service.  

So, anticipating that technology isn’t perfect, BriteStar comes with three layers of service: proactive, front line and strategic.  Each tier resolves issues with no added prices.

Proactive support: Handles all the behind the scene alerts, that you’ll never have to worry about. 

Front line support: Beyond not being perfect, technology doesn’t work 8 am – 5 pm, and therefore needs unlimited support 24/7, that’s when our front-line team takes action to resolve IT issues. 

Strategic support: Plans for and implements strategy to improve the efficiency of the service, further minimizing the risk of interruptions on business operations. 

No matter how big or small the issue may be, we have a team in place 24/7 to keep your organization proactive against anticipated industry IT and security hiccups.  Learn more about BriteStar’s comprehensive offering and how you can relieve your company of tactic IT tasks, all for a fixed price. 

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