Introducing Brite’s Forescout Enhanced Services

New service alert! We’re helping organizations elevate Forescout environments with a new Forescout Enhanced Services offering.  

As a multi-Forescout Partner of the Year winner and equipped with our team of certified Forescout engineers, we’re taking our years of Forescout experience beyond the sale and initial implementation to help organizations maximize the powerful platform and investment.

Our approach includes two keys to an effective cybersecurity plan: visibility and orchestration.  When adding a new solution to an organization’s cybersecurity toolset, it’s important to properly and continually optimize each tool to maximize effectiveness and investment.  Our Forescout Services is to help orchestrate your Forescout environment.  This blog outlines: 

  • The Security Pitfall. 
  • Brite’s Enhanced Forescout Offering 

The Security Pitfall. 

Forescout’s powerful platform gives organizations the solution to gaining visibility and real-time insights into the devices on the network.  This capability allows better control of security, reducing vulnerabilities.  However, after initial implementation, there’s a gap of continuous tuning to utilize all capabilities to meet the unique needs of the organization.  

Brite’s Enhanced Forescout Offering

To help mitigate those gaps and maximize the investment of the tool, we developed our Forescout Enhanced Services Offering.  Our goal with our new service is to work alongside Forescout customers for 1-year to help optimize the platform to fit the unique needs of that team/organization. 

Our four-phase approach spans the lifecycle of the Forescout platform and covers the following: 

  • Visibility of devices on network and classification of the devices
  • Clarification of the devices (corporate vs. non-corporate)
  • Control of devices and co-develop appropriate device policies
  • Device compliance requirements including reports, dashboard, etc. 

The best part? It’s up to the customers discretion what phases to take advantage of.  The even better part?  Premium consulting from Brite’s Certified Forescout Experts and additional Professional Service hours. 


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