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Expert NextGen Firewall Management

Outsource the tactical elements of NextGen firewall management so you can focus on the strategic tasks that move the business forward.

What is NextGen Firewall?

By definition from Gartner, NGFWs are “deep-packet inspection firewalls that move beyond port/protocol inspection and blocking to add application-level inspection, intrusion prevention, and bringing intelligence from outside the firewall” as the third generation of firewall technology.

Why NextGen Firewalls?

NGFW provide typical firewall functions like thorough inspection and filtering of incoming and outgoing traffic, along with application inspection and control, IPS, cloud-based threat intelligence and advanced threat prevention.

Benefits of NextGen Firewalls Management

Offload tactical management and optimize your network security with BriteProtect’s managed security service featuring support of both Check Point and Palo Alto Networks NGFW. NextGen Firewall management allows you to remove alert fatigue and achieve better efficiency.

Managed NextGen Firewall Services

Appliance Configuration and Maintenance

Network security appliances need to be properly configured from the beginning and require continuous care and feeding. Brite uses industry best practices to meet the requirements of your business.  The system is maintained to ensure the next generation capabilities are fully utilized.

Services Include:

  • Appliance Set-up & Configuration
  • Software & Firmware Updates
  • Subscription, Signatures and Intelligence Feed Updates

Software Tuning and Policy Refinement

Network security appliances need to continuous policy review and tuning.  Brite’s certified security analysts incorporate industry best practices with the strategic goals and objects of your business.

Services Include:

  • Policy Review & Updates
  • 24/7 Log Investigation & Analysis
  • Correlation of Data


As events are identified, our security analysts investigate the incidents and apply policy changes based on agreed-upon playbooks. When combined with the managed XDR service, Brite can automate the response options for a true NextGen Firewall management experience.

Services Include:

  •   Playbook Development
  •   Automated Incident Response

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