The New Age of Sharing Cybersecurity Data

Historically,  one of the largest obstacles for cybersecurity professionals to deal with was the lack of automated data sharing between legacy tools. This lack of communication drives a need for human intervention in sharing potential security risks data between tools and IT departments. Obviously, with the level of threats we see today this process is lacks accuracy and prolongs remediation.

The legacy methods of sharing data proves to be inherently flawed as the number of high profile breaches increases. Most of these organizations have been alerted of the breach, but it is nearly impossible to investigate every alert on a timely manner with the chaotic nature of security professionals’ lives.  Let’s not forget about also needing to share that data throughout the organization once a breach is identified.

Organizations have tried to solve this problem by increasing their security engineering staff or by purchasing point solution to help fill the gaps. This ultimately increases costs and complexity of the security infrastructure.  However, we are in the midst of a cybersecurity evolution that stands to change the legacy method of sharing data.

A Cybersecurity Evolution

The current cybersecurity evolution aims to streamline the sharing of this sensitive data quicker and easier than ever before.  It’s an exciting time to be in the security industry as organizations like Proofpoint, McAfee, Check Point, and Forescout drive this trend.  These organizations have identified that the modern threat landscape needed a new method of protecting their users.  Through this change in thought process, data can now be shared within millisecond’s and remediated with little to no human interaction.

The true value is the increase in functionality of an organization’s preexisting security tools. Data can be pushed and pulled to legacy tools and shared throughout the organization no matter what tools are in place today. This increases the time to resolution and limits the window of vulnerability greatly to protect organizations like never before.  With this new method companies can extend their current security investment and receive an immediate TCO.

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