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Capture up to 4 Lanes of Traffic with 99% Accuracy

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Activate License Plate Recognition to Assist Law Enforcement Operations


Rekor Scout™ offers precise LPR and vehicle identification capabilities with a single camera across up to 4 lanes of traffic. AI-powered video capture allows for identification of plates, vehicle details, and direction of travel along with 8-10 seconds of footage with every scan. Data is immediately accessible via a secure, web-based interface and can be hosted either in the cloud or within a local server environment. The quick and straightforward installation process makes Rekor Scout™ an ideal tool for enhancing public safety LPR initiatives.

Capture 8 to 10 Seconds of Video with Every LPR Scan

Real-Time Alerting of Plates and Vehicles

Individual and Shared Hotlists

Access to Comprehensive Data Sharing Network

Extensive Search Criteria Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Constructed utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) backed by over six years of machine learning (ML) experience, Rekor Scout delivers vital LPR and vehicle information to law enforcement agencies – all consolidated in a user-friendly, searchable dashboard.

Full or Partial Plate Number

Vehicle Color

✔ Vehicle Make

✔ Vehicle Model

✔ Direction of Travel

Searchable LPR Database

Conduct advanced searches based on any collected data point.

Rekor Live Map View

Live Map View

Visually see pinpoint exactly where a license plate or vehicle was last logged.

Flexible LPR Data Retention

Flexible Data Retention

Store data based on your department’s policies.

Extensive Pre-Build LPR and Vehicle Reports

Interdiction Analysis Rekor


Find vehicles that have been seen by multiple cameras within a time period. This analysis is useful for identifying cars that have been present at two or more locations. Select two or more cameras from the list and specify a date range. The report will show you all vehicles that have passed through the cameras during your specified time range.

Convoy Analysis Rekor


Find vehicles that frequently travel together. This analysis is useful for identifying accomplices or other suspicious behavior based on a known license plate. Select a plate number and a time range. The Convoy Analysis finds the most common vehicles that were seen before or after the target plate number within the period you specify.

Common Vehicle Analysis Rekor

Common Vehicle Analysis

Find the most common vehicles for a particular camera or set of cameras. This analysis looks for plates on the specified sites that are seen most frequently.

Bulk Search Analysis Rekor

Bulk Search

Find any plate that matches a large list of vehicles. Enter a date range and a list of license plates, the analysis report will contain any matches for any plates on your list.

Rekor Edge Pro LPR Camera

Rekor Edge Pro

 75 ft capture distance

 1 to 2 lanes of coverage

 45 mph capture speed

 1080p camera resolution

 Optimized IR illumination for day and night performance

✔ Rekor Scout™ ready

Rekor Edge Max LPR Camera

Rekor Edge Max™

 300 ft capture distance

 3 to 6 lanes of coverage

 120 mph capture speed

 1080p camera resolution

 Optimized IR illumination for day and night performance

✔ Rekor Scout™ ready

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