We’ve evolved beyond computers.

Brite Computers is now Brite.

Did you hear the news? We dropped Computers – don’t worry, just from our name (though we did want to throw them off the roof for the announcement). This change away from Brite Computers marks a new era of Brite. And we want to tell you all about it.

Just as technology has evolved, Brite has too.  Back in 1983 when the company was a custom computer manufacturer, Brite Computers made sense.  Fast-forward to today, Brite is so much more than computers.  

The intensifying digital cultural shift created business challenges as computers became more affordable and accessible. In response to our customers’ needs, we uncovered three new ways to support our computing customers looking to adapt digital trends – Managed IT Services, Public Safety Technology and Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions. 

Over the past 20 years, these three business units have continued to mature, evolve and grow within Brite.  Now, we are so much more than computers and knew it is time to give Brite a refresh to better reflect how Brite helps to proactively protect organizations and communities.  

A new era: Brite

The reality is not much is changing.  Sure, we have an updated name and logo, but it all stems from years of growth, evolution and commitment to engaging in partnerships with clients.  Our team continues to enable customers with the right technology and expert processes to better help them achieve their goals, objectives and missions.

After almost four decades in business, the Brite team understands that each organization has unique IT business challenges and are committed to finding the right solution for those situations – not to just sell the newest, flashiest hardware or software. Brite’s core is in understanding technology trends and challenges, thoroughly vetting partners with proven solutions to meet emerging needs and investing in our employees’ growth. 

So, we’re Brite with “Brite People. Brite Solutions.” driven by the mission to proactively protect organizations and communities through innovative technology solutions delivered by our talented team. 

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