Where Has Your Data Gone?

In one day 3,776, 738 records are compromised.

We all know the threat to data that ransomware, phishing emails and third party vendors present.  The news reminds us of it every day.  What is not so commonly mentioned is insider threats.

Now, we are not claiming that all of your employees are trying to sabotage your business. Your employees are what makes your company run and you trust in their abilities. Often times employees mistakenly release data to a unsecure places or to unauthorized viewers.  No matter the intent, the sensitive data is still out into the world.


The Solution

To prevent sensitive data from making its way outside the corporate network, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions execute responses based on pre-defined policies and rules, ranging from simple notification to active blocking.  DLP typically covers three high level use cases:  endpoint protection, network monitoring of Data In Motion, and classification of Data At Rest but there is a gap.

Identifying sensitive data on your server and/or blocking it is DLP’s strong suit. Yes, it knows where all your sensitive files reside, but it has a weak point:  if a hacker or insider compromises an account who is authorized to access sensitive docs, DLP can’t stop it.

To really protect your organization’s sensitive data, you should also understand Data In Use:

  • Who is accessing it
  • Who has access to it
  • Who likely no longer needs access
  • Who outside of IT the data belongs to
  • When a user or users start accessing that data in strange ways.


How to Protect Your Data

Varonis makes DLP better by providing all of that additional context. After absorbing the classification scans from DLP, Varonis provides activity monitoring, alerting, and behavior analysis along with intelligent permissions management. DLP tells you where your sensitive data is, and Varonis helps make sure that only the right people have access to it and that you know when access is abused.

More than 30% of enterprises caught instances of suspicious user behavior or malware after deploying Varonis.

To better understand how Varonis and DLP work side by side read The Differences Between DLP, IAM, SIEM, and Varonis Solutions from Varonis.

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